Gridshells and Psuedo Gridshells

In looking the the difference between lightweight gridshells such as the Downland Gridshell and the new Centre Pompidou-Metz there is a third type of project which is called a gridshell but is not a true gridshell in the sense of the first two examples. Although called by  the architects a gridshell, Asymptote’s Yas Hotel is not a true gridshell. It is different in material, fabrication and structure than traditional wood gridshells. The hotel was constructed of around 150 prefabricated curved panels which were repeated several times. The shell itself was constructed from steel members. In addition on the hotel it is not a traditional gridshell because it is not a complete roof structure but rather is more of a double skin facade. In order to rationalize the final form of the gridshell, Asymptote collaborated with Gerhy Technologies  and Arup to simply both the structure and fabrication of the gridshell. Working with these consultants they were able to simply the fabrication from 500 unique modules to 150 unique models which repeated.

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