more rain screen precedents

Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility: De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop

Not really a rain screen so much as an open air structure, I enjoy the Bamboo poles, arranged three layers deep and tethered with galvanized re-bar wire. The hand-twisted metal ties are left exposed to create a secondary pattern of texture visible at close range.

A small parks and recreation building near Helsinki: architect unknown.

The simple wooden 2 x 2 runners create a gradient running up the exterior. The orthogonal lines act as a unifying element covering walls and windows. The screen can also be considered a sunscreen, working as shading devices over the windows.

project found here:

163 PRS/ Olivers Place: moxon architects

while this design is neither built nor made of wood, I believe the design does have some merit in a wooden rain screen design.  the proposed anodized aluminum fins create a deep facade, meant to protect it from weather including direct sunlight. Instead of a thin skin, like many of the rain screen precedent so far, this results in far more interesting spacial qualities.

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