Pneumatic Gridshell-PlusMinus

Though this particular case study does not focus on timber construction I feel that it is still relevant when discussing the very nature and intentions of gridshell construction.  As the idea of the gridshell is to maintain strength through its doubly-curved form together as a lightweight system, most examples we see in built form utilize wood materials.  Yes, the focus of this seminar revolves around timber fabrication with the understanding of these materials and their usable limits.  However, to see how other materials perform when applied to similar systems is interesting enough. Here is an example of a pneumatic gridshell using inflated plastic film in place of traditional metal/wood rods.

The plastic is flexible enough to allow quick assembly and for the grid to take final form while being relatively lightweight.  Once the grid takes form intersection points are locked in place, allowing the shell to become load-bearing.  Food for thought…


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