Squeezing wood

We have, at least in the States, succesfully misrepresented and mismanaged what it means to be or to become sustainable. Instead we have managed to “dumbify” the  social movement into the color green. I guess it makes things easier? For green Escalades? jesus…

Efficiency, I believe, is a far better word and proposal for the advancement of a sustainable society, ergo deciphering the limits/parameters of our  material resources and building systems within the construction and design realm is one of my priorities as an architect and as a builder.

My research for this studio will consist on panelized wood systems.Why?


Murray Grove is a nine story apartment building located in London. Except for the foundation, the entire building is constructed out of wood laminated panels. The tower’s architect, Andrew Waugh, says his company is planning a 17-story wood building and will experiment with a 25-story structure. That would be unheard of in the U.S., where the International Code Council (ICC) limits wood-framed buildings to four stories or six using “heavy timber,” says Gary Nelson, ICC’s senior staff engineer for architectural and engineering services. The Murray building takes wood to a new field. One in which steel and concrete dominate. The idea of using a renewable material that can substitute concrete or steel to a certain yet massive degree is a novel and important one.

My specific interest is  understanding the bending capabilities of these wood panels. What type of structural, geometrical and spacial systems can they achieve as a curved panel? In a sense how much efficiency/variety can I squeeze from these panels?

Maybe this could act as both a facade and as structure…just saying!

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