Gridshell References / Resources

Here are a collection of pdfs I’ve found while researching gridshell theory. These structures are challenging and there’s a lot to learn from past work. Toussaint’s thesis is phenomenal and goes into great detail some of the computational challenges involved in digital gridshell design. Dissecting his strategies will surely give us clues into the parameterization of our form finding investigations. A great introduction to gridshell theory is Paoli’s thesis – “Past and Future of Grid Shell Structures”. The Kilian and Ochsendorf pdf goes into detail about particle-spring systems which is essentially what kangaroo is. This is helpful in contextualizing kangaroos computational potential. I also included a short, interesting article describing the gridshell design process of the Downland gridshell. This is a lot all at once, but hopefully this will aid our research progress.


past and future of gridshell structures


downland gridshell

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One Response to Gridshell References / Resources

  1. cabrinharch says:

    great post Ben. The Weald and Downland essay I reference in my Gridshell Tectonics is a more thorough review than the link you provided, just FYI. The Toussaint thesis I have not seen and really looks to be a great overview of timber structures and a method for applying the geometry of the grid in gridshells.

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