Relaxing Rhino Surfaces

While I haven’t yet figured out the grasshopper script to reproduce the Rhino “fin” command, I have tried out some relaxing Rhino scripts that I found online. The script “relaxes” a surface while maintaining its edges or specific points along those edges. The result is a surface that looks more fluid, possibly requiring less support points + less tension to hold its shape. Here is a warped surface (showing its isocurves) with and without the relaxing script.

Here are the straight planks modeled along the geodesics.

As for a grasshopper version of the fin command, I just can’t figure out how to sweep a line along a geodesic while keeping that line normal to the surface (perpendicular to the geodesic) continuously. I think we addressed this issue 3 weeks ago in class, but I must have done something wrong during the workshop/lecture.  Online, I have seen other people achieve “near fins” by dividing the surface line (geodesic or not) into multiple points, then creating short normal lines at each of those points, then lofting across them. Is there a better way? Any thing helps! Thanks.

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