Unfolding Polysurfaces – Grasshopper

One way to fabricate variable plate connectors quickly would be to constrain their design to something that could be cut and folded from a plate of steel.  In Grasshopper, I modified an existing definition (designalyze’s old panelization work) which distributes the panels evenly along a grid.  It is simplified now to accept any polysurface:

Another challenge will be to place each surface adjacent to the next rather than being distributed as separate panels at a predefined distance (as is currently).  An alternative would be to unroll the polysurfaces in Rhino.  There is a Rhinoscript that can handle multiple polysurfaces and let you choose where each one is placed so that they don’t all overlap.  However, Rhino’s unroll command currently won’t prevent complex polysurfaces from overlapping during the unroll, potentially leaving two or more surfaces occupying the same space.  Extra steps would need to be taken to correct this.

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