Wood as a material

Some things we learned in our investigation of wood as a material for bending..

From the Materials Engineers CES program: Here are some of the values we found for bendable woods compared to what is available for us in San Luis Obispo. The table is missing some needed information but will be updated later today. So far here is what we have.

The historial uses of these woods in boat building prompted a search into boat design and methods for bending wood.

From ARCE: We can run the numbers for any species of wood using the CES Manual numbers and do the calculations for the bending capabilities once we decide on 2 things. We need 1) the cross section of the material 2) the length of the member. We can use basic shear and moment diagrams for a uniformly distributed load.

This prompted our current search for the optimal cross section and length for the wood we will use. We have yet to decide this but are still working on our grasshopper definition based on the max deflection.




The research into wood bent for boats led to a very useful website with more links and a specific diagram that diagrams our bending tests with wood. This website also has some useful formulas that we can use that are based on our bending test. Looks like we are not far off with our experimental method.





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