Flexible Plywood

The system I found is called “flexo-ply”. The flexible plywood with its nearly unlimited range of applications can be bent by about 10cm in radius. The concept applies to any of its available thicknesses without being cracked  or fractures. How the sytem works? At least 3 layers of wood are stacked together and glued. each ply (or layer) is arranged so that the direction of the grain is at right angles to the layer next to it. (there are 2 different ways of gluing: 1.) hot water resistant Melamin Uria formaldehyd 2.)a non-transparent organic phosphorus type of adhesive). By changing the number of plies and/or orientation of the veneers, bonding technology, as well as refinishing the surface ply, an additional improvement and adjustment is further added to it’s qualities for the specific application.

flexo-ply is used in the production and design of furniture, interior descoration, shipbuilding, lining of colums, making of patterns, construction of exhibition stands, partition walls @home or in other structures, as well as in the packing industry.

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