Greg and I went to go measure and build a Rhino model of the Strong Frames.  We also came up with some preliminary forms for the rain screen.  After talking about the corner condition, we came to the conclusion that the radius of that corner will be quite large, and that is reflected in the image above.  Finding out how to wrap around the corner will be a challenge, but is an interesting problem and detail to figure out.  Structurally, there will be quite a large moment force at the corner if its sticking out that far.  I’m looking through a lot of Kengo Kuma’s connection details for rain screen systems, but can’t find any that are directly applicable to this situation.  This also reminded me of the wood wall installation at Sci-Arc, but the performance/intent between these two projects are completely different.  However, it’s also nice to see the work they did at this smaller scale.

Grasshopper definition progress is still being made.  I’m running into the same initial problems Valentin had, regarding the short path doubling back on itself.  I am currently looking and dissecting other definitions to help define the formal gesture, as it is very arbitrary in its current state.  The image shown is just a simple contour and extrusion.  I will update the definition soon.

Materials suitability research has been put on hold.

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