Good geodesic defintion

So, I got the new geodesic definition completed, and I think it is working alot better in terms of the holes, and also the overall ability to manipulate and derive information from it, because all the branches are easy to use. The grasshopper definition and a rhino file to use with it are in the dropbox. Things I fixed:

The new one uses the geodesic then transfers those points to the surface for easy building from there.

The laths have been extended to better their edge condition, so they go a little beyond where they would normally go. This amount of extension beyond is completely variable. See images on blog.

Each layer of laths is its own tree, so they are already grouped together in order to facilitate later fabrication additions to the script.

The thickness of the lath and the thickness of the pin are easily changeable.

One thing we had to give up: the laths are still straight if you are willing to give up on tolerances of .00088″. When I unrolled one lath, then drew a line from one corner to the other, the very middle had a difference between the line and the edge of the surface of .00088″. The resampling of the geodesic onto the surface is the cause of this slight “unstraightness”, and this cannot be avoided as it is necessary in order to “fin” them. Also, I believe this is almost moot, as that tolerance is already so small.

Words of caution when opening the grasshopper definition: it is very labor intensive, and has to compute alot of tasks to be done, so be careful. I disabled some stuff at the end that you will have to enable to get the final laths.

Also, something I discovered: if you have any surface and you rebuild it and give it a degree of 2, any geodesic will work on it. the final pattern might be a little off, and not aesthetically even, but the geodesics will work no matter what I think, i might be wrong but everyone I tried worked.

The holes do line up, the jagged part is a screen resolution error.

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One Response to Good geodesic defintion

  1. benhc4 says:

    Dan this is badass, nice work man

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