Plate Splices – progress update

In the latest update, I’ve been able to get steel plates to align through the ends of wood members.  The sizing is relative to the member while the plate thickness can be set as well.  Currently it seems like a jumbled giant-squid-like mess but I’m hoping the grasshopper workshop will provide some clarity.  Some issues that need to be fixed: (1) The plates sometimes extrude away from the member rather than splicing into it.  (2) there are a lot of extra timber members being extruded off in the distance…probably a list problem.  (3)  The 2×4’s aren’t always oriented correctly.  Some of them try to span horizontally while laying on their side sort of like a 4×2.  Of course, we still have to find a way to make these intersect in a rational way and make the wood members agree.  Stay tuned…

(This was my progress from last week.  I think I’m pretty close now but wanted to post this before I posted the final.)

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