Lumber for Rainscreen

For the rainscreen full-scale:  I got an order coming in today or tomorrow from Burke and Pace Lumber (Arroyo Grande) for around 50 10′ long 1×4’s, #2 pine, which are the same as the piece from Home Depot.  I haven’t paid for them yet, because I need to know the specific amount we need, plus a couple extra in case.  I looked up the price for the same piece at Home Depot, and according to the estimate they gave me the price will be about $100 cheaper at B&P (total around $180).  The only problem is delivery.  I am going to call them tomorrow morning (Wed) and ask about that, if there are any options.  Lastly, I’m not sure how I should pay for this….

Oh and I can go ahead and start looking for plywood options.  I just need to know the size and number.

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