9 to 3 to 1

Greg, Steven, and Valentin used the grasshopper definition to generate three different alternatives each. From the 9 iterations, we narrowed this down to 3 that we are fabricating to place on the simpson strong tie model. From this we will decide which one we will build full scale.

The final 3 here:

It is important to note that all of these iterations came from a single grasshopper definition.  Many curved surface alternatives can be generated from the definition. The definition tests for failure through a curvature circle analysis and uses straight segment laths (by extracting the geodesics from the surface)

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2 Responses to 9 to 3 to 1

  1. Adrien says:

    Nice project, but how do you assess the torsion in the timber laths ? Geodesic curves won’t give you plane curves, they’ll be bent and twisted as well.
    Is it built yet?

  2. rejain says:

    It was built in to full scale in winter quarter and stayed up until the end of spring quarter. I can try to post some pictures.

    There was a bit of torsion on the end laths. But the wood adapted to that. So, basically we didn’t assess the torsion before hand. But we were able see that in the physical model and then in the final.

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