Timeline for Rainscreen

-Finish model
-decide on shape
-begin layout for explanation boards

Shopping List
–40 wood laths
—support pieces, 1×5 or plywood.
connection to moment frame
–gorilla glue
–3/8 bolts

-buy stuff at home depot
-test finger joint in the shop
-ask about the bit for CNC
-make angles
-set up CNC file for the plywood supports


for full scale
-work on making laths
-CNC plywood supports
-get grasshopper to generate a spreadsheet?
-Mark’s note: gorilla glue needs time to dry


for full scale
-finish up making laths

–explanation/ reasons for this research
–grasshopper definition explained

-put together full scale mock up on the simpson strong tie
-finish and print boards

-Parametric Wood Show @ Material Demonstration Lab, Time: tbd by Mark

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