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Class Tonight

Tonight I will have you present as you have been doing, but will have a projector for you all to share your work, especially the GH development. Then you will break down into your research areas to discuss your final … Continue reading

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Weekly Posts???

Have you been putting 5-6 hours a week into this course???  Remember your blog posts are a critical component of your grade (reread the syllabus!!) to keep abreast of weekly progress.  From our conversation last week, there is progress being … Continue reading

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Materials First: wood, then parametrics, then parametric wood.

On Wednesdays class I got a much better sense of where your skills are at and how better to proceed with the course.  In terms of Grasshopper, it appears we have two advanced users, but everyone else is basically beginning … Continue reading

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Gridshell Research Focus

For me, gridshells culminated about 5 years of hands-on research between complex geometry, digital fabrication, and material constraints.    There is also a wealth of information on this in the Grasshopper forum, you can start with a long-thread on gridshells … Continue reading

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Flexible Rainscreen Research Focus

Wood rainscreens have become a fairly common occurrence in contemporary design.  It is important to understand that a rainscreen is distinct from traditional wood cladding or siding, as a rainscreen is an open joint system.  This creates a pressure equalized … Continue reading

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