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Straight Timber Connections – Precedents

Wood-to-Wood Connections Cross Timber Joints CNC milled connections Other Steel Connections Simpson Strong-Tie: Variable Connection installation video: Expressed Connection -Olson Kundig Architects Hidden Connection -internally threaded and factory bonded: node connection Material Considerations when connecting … Continue reading

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nice furniture

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A fresh and open invitation to the public to enjoy the external and internal pleasures of art and architecture. To mark the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the city of Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes Gallery invited dRMM to design … Continue reading

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Squeezing wood

We have, at least in the States, succesfully misrepresented and mismanaged what it means to be or to become sustainable. Instead we have managed to “dumbify” the  social movement into the color green. I guess it makes things easier? For … Continue reading

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Pneumatic Gridshell-PlusMinus

Though this particular case study does not focus on timber construction I feel that it is still relevant when discussing the very nature and intentions of gridshell construction.  As the idea of the gridshell is to maintain strength through its … Continue reading

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Metropol Parasol – Arquitectura España

Opening of the Market Hall – Metropol Parasol Seville, Spain A celebration was held on Sunday, December 19th to mark the partial completion of the Metropol Parasol project. Festivities began with the opening of the market hall. The majority of … Continue reading

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what am i doing?

Intro: The contemporary problem that I believe this studio addresses is the proliferation of architectural production that relies exclusively on digital techniques (at the expense of analog and physical techniques).  While digital techniques are tremendously powerful in terms of generating … Continue reading

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